Javi Unboxing: Hot Toys Peter Three from Spider-Man No Way Home/ASM 2!

Javi takes some time to unpack the Hot Toys 1/6 scale of Peter Three from Spider-Man: No Way Home. (Also the appearance of The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Javi walks through the unpacking experience, talks about why the headsculpt of the unmasked head looks a little young, and compares it with other Hot Toys Spideys! Youtube video down below. Be sure to like, share, and subscribe and check out ASM Classics on your favorite podcasting app with Javi and Jack. Twitter/X: @javitru ABOUT SPIDEY-DUDE.COM & THE SPIDEY-DUDE RADIO NETWORK: Spidey-dude.com was created in 1998 as Spideydude’s Spider-Man Page, before becoming Spideydude.com,…

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SPIDEYDUDE EXPERIENCE EPISODE 33 Spider-Man: No Way Home Review Audio Edition

AFTER ALL THE HYPE. AFTER EVERYTHING THAT’S HAPPENED. For better, or worse, the final film of the Home Trilogy is here.
Zach and the gang review the film.

Will give a spoiler-free session, before taking YOUR FEEDBACK.