Sal Buscema Era Podcast Special: An interview with Editor Jim Salicrup

Tonight on the Spectacular Sal Buscema era podcast Jim Salicrup comes on the show to talk about his time as editor on the Spider books from the 80s-90s. Jim has a wealth of information about his time at Marvel and more. He worked on Amazing Spider-Man, Inferno and Cosmic Spider Story lines and Spectacular Spider-Man and we even get into some Dracula information.

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The Sal Buscema Podcast Episode 1: The Death of Jean DeWolff

WELCOME to the first episode of the Sal Buscema Era Podcast here on the Spidey-Dude Radio Network. We are coming over from another network and are glad to be here. In this first episode of the podcast, we go over some of the history of the Spectacular Spider-man comic and talk about a story that is tied directly to the first of the Sal Buscema era network stories THE DEATH OF JEAN DEWOLF. This story was…

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SPIDEYDUDE EXPERIENCE EPISODE 33 Spider-Man: No Way Home Review Audio Edition

AFTER ALL THE HYPE. AFTER EVERYTHING THAT’S HAPPENED. For better, or worse, the final film of the Home Trilogy is here.
Zach and the gang review the film.

Will give a spoiler-free session, before taking YOUR FEEDBACK.

MAFEX No. 143 Spider-Man Ben Reilly Review

Ben Reilly is getting a lot of love lately in the comics so it’s fitting that Medicom, under their Mafex toy line, join in, creating one of their best Spideys to date! Similar to his “brother” Peter, Ben comes in a red-framed window box, allowing you to see all the included accessories. I love the Marvel character box in the upper left corner, giving it that comic book feel. As with Peter (Mafex 75), Ben…

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Spideydude Experience Episode 30 Audio Edition: BEYOND Parts 3 & 4 (ASM 877-878)

Join the cast of Zach Spideydude Joiner, Paul Hermann, Neil Bogenrider, Adam Schingle, Greg Bishansky and more as they tackle the New Posters, the New Trailer for December’s NO WAY HOME, Tackle the Latest Issues of ASM and more. YouTube Edition:

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