Spideydude Experience Episode 74: JM DeMatteis Returns!

JM DeMatteis’ run on Spider-Man spans over nearly 40 years. Such legendary stories like Kraven’s Last Hunt, The Child Within, Death of Harry Osborn, Citizen Osborn, and mini-series like Spider-Man: Redemption, Spider-Man: The Lost Years, & Spider-Man: Soul of the Hunter. In our last discussion, we discussed Ben Reilly: Spider-Man, and in the meantime, he wrote Spider-Man: The Lost Hunt. In April, he returns to write a four-issue mini-series called Spider-Man: Shadow of the Green Goblin, which is available for Pre-Order right now. Topics discussed in the episode include his approach to writing, how an old issue of Peter Parker:…

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Sal Buscema Era Podcast Episode 12: Amazing Spider-Man 312 & Spectacular Spider-Man 147

We are back this Week for Inferno Part 2 with two more issues of the Spider-Man inferno tie ins to the main X-Men book of stories. These stories of Inferno tie directly into what is happening over int he current run of Amazing Spider-Man with DARK WEB about to be let loose this week at your local comic book stores.

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SPIDEYDUDE EXPERIENCE EPISODE 33 Spider-Man: No Way Home Review Audio Edition

AFTER ALL THE HYPE. AFTER EVERYTHING THAT’S HAPPENED. For better, or worse, the final film of the Home Trilogy is here.
Zach and the gang review the film.

Will give a spoiler-free session, before taking YOUR FEEDBACK.

Make Mine Mayday Episode 12: Spider-Girl 23-27 Audio Edition

Zach and Kelly are back! A milestone Episode, where Kelly and Zach are talking about some excellent issues, ending Year 2 of Spider-Girl (and outside of the next episode’s subject, the only title of the MC2 line.) -THE GIRL… WITH POWER -DRAGON FIST -THE SAVAGE SIX… and new Hair, with 25th Double sized Issue! -Power Struggles -The END of the Spider/Goblin War! So much here, and we tackle it all… only on MAKE MINE MAYDAY

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ASM Classics Episode 28: One-Year Anniversary Special: Sam Rami’s Spider-Man DVD-Style Commentary

Can you believe it?  We’ve made it through an entire year.  And to celebrate, the Classics gang takes a break from comic coverage to take a look through the DeLorean’s rearview mirror at how the show began.  But after a few minutes of that, it’s time to break out your DVD players as we watch Spider-Man (2002) with an in-film movie commentary.  Hope you enjoy, and we’ll be back with regular comic coverage next episode!

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ASM Classics Episode 27: Amazing Spider-Man 39 & 40

Come on, get happy, Web-Spinners!  We are proud to welcome back to the show our guest for today, J.R. Fettinger, Osborn expert extraordinaire!  Today’s episode of Amazing Spider-Man Classics takes a look at the debut of artist John Romita on Amazing Spider-Man, a two-part adventure featuring the unmasking of Spider-Man and the END of the GREEN GOBLIN!  And along the way, all our favorite angry cast members undergo a happiness makeover under John Romita’s brush.  Also, we have an announcement about next episode’s celebration of one year of Amazing Spider-Man Classics. So stay tuned to the end, and in the…

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ASM Classics Episode 19: Amazing Spider-Man 26 and 27

Bring back!  Oh, bring back!  Oh, bring back my Goblin to me!  Welcome again to Amazing Spider-Man Classics where this episode, Jon, Josh, and Donovan take a look at the only two-part Green Goblin story that Steve Ditko gave us.  And along the way, we are aided and abetted by the one and only J.R. Fettinger, a voice on the Spider-Man Crawl Space podcast panel and also the author of the Spidey Kicks Butt website.

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ASM Classics Episode 10: ASM 14 & 15!

Another Tuesday, where the ASM Classics Gang are back talking about some Goblins and MORE! Welcome back to Amazing Spider-Man Classics, where we are committed to covering every feature issue, as well as every guest and cameo appearance we can find of the Amazing Spider-Man.  Kicking off the month of June, the Amazing Spider-Man Classics group is joined by the ever-lovin’, blue-eyed Brad Douglas of the Spider-Man Crawl Space.  He helps the usual crew of Jon, Josh, and Donovan take a look at the first appearance of the man who engineered the Clone Saga, the mastermind who replaced Tony Stark…

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CSC Episode 72: Revelations…Part Four & Osborn Journal

There is a sense of the beginning of the end of this show. Peter Parker: Spider-Man 75 was the first time I had read a comic starring Peter Parker that wasn’t a tie into the cartoon (Adventures of Spider-Man) or a back issue since my very first issue, Spectacular Spider-Man 223. It was an introduction to Norman Osborn that I had only seen in the 90’s show, that leveled him to the top of the food chain in terms of Arch-villains. It’s one of, if not my single favorite issues of Spider-Man of all time, notwithstanding other issues such as…

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