Clone Saga Chronicles Episode 76: The End of An Era… The Final Episode.

It’s the End of an Era here on the Spideydude Radio Network. The Final Episode of Clone Saga Chronicles. This isn’t easy for me to type or write, nor was it easy to edit or even create this episode. We recorded this back in late April or early May and because of that, there will be some dated references. This episode is a tribute to our show, a tribute to the saga itself, and a…

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Make Mine Mayday Episode 31 Audio Edition: Spider-Girl 97-100

It’s here! We’ve been building ever so slowly towards this goal in mind: The Completion of the first volume of Spider-Girl. It was here that Mayday established a record that has never been matched: The ONLY Marvel Female-led title to make it to 100 issues without stopping, or without re-naming itself. A HUGE milestone Episode, debuting on a special night. Join us as we tackle the latest news on Spider-Girl’s world, and more.

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Spideydude Experience Episode 40: Season 2 Finale BEYOND Parts 18/19 & 92.BEY (ASM 893/894/92.BEY) Audio Edition

It’s here. The final Episode of Spideydude Experience Season 2: BEYOND Will Ben Reilly get out of this mess? What will happen to Janine? What’s up with Peter? MJ? Will Zach lose his mind? Or love the story? What’s next? ALL THIS AND MORE… Live!

Make Mine Mayday Episode 30: Spider-Girl 92-96 Audio Edition

Zach and Kelly are back talking about the next four issues of their lookback at the Spider-Girl Series. This time they tackle issues 93-96. In this Episode:Who is the Scriers?Kaine has visions!Normie shows his plans to the world!The Return of the Green Goblin!Scarlet Spider ReturnsTony Stark’s past is revealed and Attacked!The Secrets of the Bodyguard!and MORE!

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Make Mine Mayday Episode 29: Spider-Girl 89-92 Audio Edition

Kelly and Zach return for Make Mine Mayday… the Show about Spider-Girl and her MC2 world. Trigger Warning for those who might find the subject of one of the issues to be traumatic in nature. Listener discretion is advised. This episode they cover:Secrets of the Spider Shoppe90ft MonstersGirl Who Fell to Earth! As noted in this Episode, there was a missing page from the issue in the Marvel Unlimited app. Behold!

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