Clone Saga Chronicles Episode 76: The End of An Era… The Final Episode.

It’s the End of an Era here on the Spideydude Radio Network. The Final Episode of Clone Saga Chronicles. This isn’t easy for me to type or write, nor was it easy to edit or even create this episode. We recorded this back in late April or early May and because of that, there will be some dated references. This episode is a tribute to our show, a tribute to the saga itself, and a…

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ASM Classics Season 2 Episode 0: The Dawn of a New Era (Legacy Episode #44)

Welcome back, Web-Heads, to the all-new, all-different Amazing Spider-Man Classics! Join your new hosts, Jack Trujillo and his dad, Javi Trujillo, as they take a look at the amazing comics that shaped Spider-Man! Jack, a high schooler who is familiar with the Spider-Verse, has never read the stories that launched Peter Parker! So, his dad is going to correct this oversight! On their inaugural episode, the duo discuss the legendary comic that started it all- Amazing Fantasy #15! From there,…

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Spideydude Experience Episode 36: BEYOND 11/12 (ASM 886-887) Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #1 Audio Edition

Zach and Company are talking about the recent rumors and announcements! Zeb Wells is the new writer! JRJR is the Artist! Otto makes his move. Can Ben stop him in time? The First Part of JM DeMatteis’ Ben Reilly series debuts! Thoughts.

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SPIDEYDUDE EXPERIENCE EPISODE 33 Spider-Man: No Way Home Review Audio Edition

AFTER ALL THE HYPE. AFTER EVERYTHING THAT’S HAPPENED. For better, or worse, the final film of the Home Trilogy is here.
Zach and the gang review the film.

Will give a spoiler-free session, before taking YOUR FEEDBACK.