Spideydude Experience Episode 64: ASM 921/922 Reviews, Kraven Trailer Reaction and more! (Season 4 Premiere, Audio Edition)

Season Four Cover. Graphic By Neil Bogenrider
Season Four Cover. Graphic By Neil Bogenrider

SEASON PREMIERE EPISODE! Spideydude Experience Season 4: Wells…Year Two begins this Audio Episode!

Books Reviewed in this Episode: Amazing Spider-Man Vol 6 27 & 28 (Legacy 921 and 922)

News Discussed on this Episode: The Death of John Romita Sr., Across the Spider-Verse continues to conquer the box office, and more! Zach and his comrades have returned to talk about the latest issues of Amazing Spider-Man. What is the fallout of the death of Kamala Kahn? What about Doc Ock? Will there be an arms race? Wells’ second year begins, does it start with a bang? or a whimper? But first, The group memorializes John Romita Sr, Co-Creator who brought us the likes of Kingpin, Rhino, Shocker, and designed Wolverine, who passed away at aged 96. PLUS: Adam reacts LIVE to the Kraven the Hunter Trailer!

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CREDITS for this episode:
Host: Zach Joiner
Co-Host: Adam Schingle
Graphics By: Neil Bogenrider

Zach Joiner

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