Sal Buscema Era Podcast Episode 13: Web # 48 and Spectacular #148

We are at the end of our coverage for INFERNO the Crossover with the X-Men titles and my cohost Drew agrees these are the better issue to talk about than the Baby sacrifice underboob clone mess over in the X Books. Enjoy as we are about to dive in to some weird Hobgobline Demonic possession zombie stuff.

Eyes of the Demon

Writer Gerry Conway

Penciler Alex Saviuk

InkerKeith Williams

Colorist Janice Cohen

Letterer(s) Rick Parker

Editor(s) Jim Salicrup

Night of the Living Ned

Writer Gerry Conway

Penciler Sal Buscema

Inker Sal Buscema

Colorist Bob Sharen

Letterer Rick Parker

Editor Jim Salicrup

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