CSC Episode 70: Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider & Spider-Geddon

In 2016, Ben Reilly returned.
We hated it.
Covered in Episode 62, we discussed the story that brought about the return of the character… and while I hated that story, I attempted to give it a shot, especially when Josh and I interviewed him in Episode 64. So, Zach goes through the 25 issues of the storyline, before jumping into the Spider-Geddon Story Arc that ran from Oct-December 2018. (Effectively catching up from every appearance in Spider-Clone-related stories). So, enjoy the final solo effort, at least for now before we resume our regularly scheduled programming.

Zach Joiner

Zach Joiner is the co-founder of the Spideydude Radio Network and the Co-founder of the website that hosts it, He is the Host of Spideydude Experience and Clone Saga Chronicles, and has been a co-host on the other Spideydude Network of shows such as Make Mine Mayday and Spectacular Radio. He has two dogs, a daughter and a lovely Fiancee.

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