CSC Episode 45: Ultimate Clone Saga Part 1

Back in 2011, we crossed over with a show called Teenaged Wasteland: An Ultimate Spider-Man Podcast.  Hosted by Jon M. Wilson and Zack Henderson, they asked my crew to help them cover the Ultimatized version of the Saga. It’s broken down in five parts:

Part 1: Ultimate Spider-Man 97 & Ultimate Spider-Man 98

Part 2: Ultimate Spider-Man 99 and Ultimate Spider-Man Annual #2*

Part 3: Ultimate Spider-Man 100 and Ultimate Spider-Man 101

Part 4: Ultimate Spider-Man 102 and Ultimate Spider-Man 103

Part 5: Ultimate Spider-Man 104 and Ultimate Spider-Man 105

*NOTE: While not apart of the Clone Saga, this issue came out at the same time as the others, and therefore was included in this episode, given the format of the show we were guesting on.

So, if you were a fan of this story, sit back and we will give you the crazy ride of the Ultimate Clone Saga. If you enjoyed our friends Josh and Donovan team up with Jon Wilson on ASM Classics, you’ll also enjoy this one.

Zach Joiner

Zach Joiner is the co-founder of the Spideydude Radio Network and the Co-founder of the website that hosts it, He is the Host of Spideydude Experience and Clone Saga Chronicles, and has been a co-host on the other Spideydude Network of shows such as Make Mine Mayday and Spectacular Radio. He has two dogs, a daughter and a lovely Fiancee.

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