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Born with a comic book in my hands was no accident. I am about to take you on a journey where no Marvel fan has ever gone before, this will be your finest stop. Brian, if you correct one word in this paragraph, you going to get heart.


Born and raised in Boston, worked with Brian, and have a degree in building iron mans suits.


30 years of comic experience, I sleep, dream, eat, fly, drive, and worship comics.


I know every star in Marvel, go ahead and ask me, I have your answers.


We will talk and cover everything about super heros.

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Make Mine Mayday Episode 2: Spider-Girl 0-5

Posted by SimpleJimbo-Jimmy on  11/26/2020
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Zach and Kelly begin their reviews of the original series. What If?! 105 was published on December 17, 1997 with a cover date of February 1998. This is how the earth gets its distinction in the Marvel Multiverse, Earth-982. 8 months later, on August 5, 1998 it was republished as SPider-Girl #0, adding a preview of the following weeks’ issue. One week later on August 12th the first issue of the ongoing series premiered, adding
You can not write the story of Spider-Girl without her fans. They were the little engine that could. THey kept the series alive multiple times, in this episode, Kelly and Zach discuss with three men who were a large part of keeping her alive… Save Spider-Girl .com was a website that was devoted to organizing the campagin. Jeffers, Jaroker, and VENOM were some of the brains behind it. Sit back and listen to these guys
Welcome to the zero episode of the Make Mine Mayday Podcast, Hosted by Kelly McDaniel and Zach Joiner. This show’s mission is to not just review the books of the MC-2 universe, but tell the stories of the fandom from across the internet, new and old. It’s story is one of grit, strength, perseverance and determination, by not only what was on the page, but the fandom itself. The story that was published had humble

October 6, 2020 GIVEAWAY

Posted by SimpleJimbo-Jimmy on  10/07/2020
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After what seemed like an Eternity, we are back. The good news is we are back. The bad news is we must rebuild. I want to take time and thank so many people for their hard work, their excellence, and their friendship during this difficult time in the Website’s history. A brief explanation as to what exactly happened:Back on September 14th, I got an email saying that our website was attacked by a vicious malware that had been