Spider-Men Council Meeting 1 Spidey Movie Pitch

Hey, Spider-Friends! Javi here!

I’m not sure if you’re aware, but Peerless Paul Hermann has a little show called The Comic Binge that you can catch on the YouTubes! Every week, he Chris “The Reverend” Clow, and a guest take a deep dive into a series. Spinning out of that idiosyncratic idea, Paul lit the Spider-Signal across the interwebs and, lo, the Spider-Men Council was born!

Joining Paul & Chris in their quest to #ReadMoreComics are Neat-O Nikko Carruso, the Spidey-Dude himself, Zach Joiner, and Happy Javi Trujillo!

For the inaugural episode, Paul tasked us with pitching where we’d want to see MCU Spidey go next, based off the comics. Javi went a little overboard…

Exclusively on Spidey-Dude.com are his show notes for you to read over! Obviously, these are just rough pitches, so there’s some randomness involved. Make sure to watch the full episode below to hear how this played out with the Council and their awesome ideas, too! And make sure to read the Spidey comics that inspired them! They’re bangers!

Let’s begin!


Peter winds up back on his Earth, marveling at the experience he just shared in the Spider-Verse. Suddenly, his head is rocked with pain as memories of his past fade away and alter now that Norman and Otto didn’t die, thanks to the Spider-Men curing them before returning them home to their proper place. Peter’s first thought is to check on Mary Jane and he rushes to her side. 

He finds that Mary Jane is just fine, unaware of what has transpired. He asks a strange question-”Are we still getting married?” She lovingly reassures him and he breathes a sigh of relief that the old Parker Luck didn’t strike there. She asks where he went and he tells her all about his adventures in the other reality, including curing his past villains. She gets perplexed, saying Norman never died. In fact, Harry is alive, too, married with a kid and helping to run the company. 

However, all is not well at Oscorp. Harry is floundering in his leadership role, unable to live up to his dad’s expectations and maintaining a work life balance. The stress is causing his wife Liz to ask for a separation. Harry starts turning to drugs to help cope. Peter checks in with him, but Harry seems jealous of the future he and Mary Jane have ahead of them, especially as Peter is living his science dreams working alongside Dr. Otto Octavius, who has left Oscorp to form his own company. 

Side quest-Lizard goes on a quick rampage, but Peter, now knowing what to do thanks to Peter 3, can whip up a cure easily. 

Harry overdoses, causing his dad to get sick with worry. In the hospital he hears a familiar voice calling, leading him to an old lab he hasn’t seen in years. Seeing the mask and equipment of the Goblin brings that personality out in him again. He then remembers the other reality, including killing May. The Goblin needs time, though. His madness is back, but not his strength, thanks to the cure he received.

As he tries to devise a new formula, he attacks Peter in other ways. This Aunt May has passed, so he can’t repeat himself. Instead of going after Spidey, he goes after Peter financially, getting him kicked out of his apartment and putting corporate pressure on Octavius Industries. He even attacks the venue that Peter and MJ will get married at!

Norman eventually confronts Spidey at full power. Spidey brings the fight outside Harry’s hospital. Gobby, seeing helpless Harry, with Liz and Little Norman at his side, loses his control which allows Norman to reemerge. Norman passes out from the experience, allowing Spidey to take him back to a lab and counter the new Goblin serum. 

With Harry on the mend and their financial misfortunes reversed, Peter and MJ FINALLY tie the knot. 

How’s that for Peter 2’s continuing adventures? But what about Peter 3..?


Peter winds up back on his Earth, marveling at the experience he just shared in the Spider-Verse. Suddenly, his head is rocked with a mild headache as he starts to remember his climactic fight with Electro differently. However, Gwen is still dead, but it stings less after saving MJ from a similar fate. Letting out a “Hey, New York, I’m back!”, the Spidey formerly known as Peter 3 is home and ready to get back to being a friendly neighborhood kinda guy. 

Aunt May, noticing that Peter is lighter in spirit than he has been in a while, wants him to meet the niece of her co-worker and fellow nurse, Anna Watson. He figures it’s time, too, and as they wait at Anna’s for dinner, the doorbell rings. We get the famous “Face it, Tiger” line as we get introduced to Mary Jane Watson. Peter is gobsmacked. Mary Jane, MJ, he puts it all together and feels the hand of multiversal fate. Over dinner, Peter is an awkward fool. An emergency alert goes across their phones that the Rhino is rampaging in midtown. May and Anna get called in for extra staffing and Peter uses the excuse of taking photos. MJ tags along, much to Peter’s chagrin. He still feels the sting of Gwen, but he can’t say no. 

At the scene, Peter leaves MJ with the crowd so he can get closer for photos. Spidey defeats the Rhino and changes back to Peter. Reunited with MJ, he sees a familiar face in the crowd…the man who killed Uncle Ben! Peter leaves MJ and gives a quiet chase, finally catching the man who has eluded him for all these years. Relief washes over him. 

MAYBE Mary Jane is the daughter of the burglar, tying things together. 

Also, Flash is back from serving in the military. He is a wounded vet. He regrets how he treated Peter and the two become friends. 

One more plot thread. Getting dangerously close to Tobey’s Spider-Man 3, Peter unlocks all the parent stuff from The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2, making the Venom suit. Proper comics black suit is seen. Maybe we have a fight with someone, but no emo Peter in this movie. Possibly cure Harry. The Venom suit then goes to Flash, restoring his leg. Suit takes Flash’s rage and they become Venom. Spidey and Venom fight. Spidey’s heroism inspires Flash to be a good guy and he becomes Agent Venom.

Well, Peter 3 definitely has his hands full! But what of Peter 1? How is he doing now that he is alienated from all those who knew him?


Peter, cut off from everyone he knows in his secret identity, is going to ESU for college. There he meets Gwen Stacy, played by Anya Taylor Joy. He gets captivated by her, but keeps her at a distance, not wanting to get close to her and risk her life like he did MJ’s. 

Meanwhile, successful businessman Martin Li has taken control of the FEAST shelter and is having a ceremony to dedicate it to Aunt May. Peter shows up, even though no one knows their connection. Gwen is a volunteer. 

Martin Li, as Mr. Negative, is using it as a front. A new villain, Hobgoblin, attacks the event. Gobby works for Fisk. 

Black Cat shows up later. Breaking in to get evidence to free her father from prison that Li has in safe. His false imprisonment led to her cat burglar lifestyle. Spidey catches her breaking in.  They flirt. He feels attracted to her and since she can handle herself, he feels more comfortable than with MJ or Gwen. 

Spidey and Gobby fight. Spidey can’t help but be reminded of Peter 2’s Green Goblin. Peter tries to think of who could take Norman’s place in this world or if this is something/someone new. 

Mystery of Hobgoblin continues for a trilogy, touching on suspects like Flash and Ned. The Kingpin is also involved in a nod to comics and the 90s show. 

Peter’s relationship with Gwen will grow as he wrestles with maybe getting involved again with MJ, setting up the classic triangle. 

So, there you have it Spider-Friends! What did you think? How would you like to see Peter’s adventures continue? Make sure you check out all the other pitches from the Council and drop a comment below!

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