Spectacular Radio Episode 51: “Final Curtain” with Greg Weisman & Victor Cook

It’s finally here! The final interview. The Final Curtain. Zach and Greg are rejoined by Greg Weisman and Victor Cook in their longest interview yet discuss in detail the final episode of the series, but also discuss the way the backgrounds tell the story of each home or office, how they kept the reveal to be as satisfying as it was, the difference between a cliffhanger and open-ended storytelling, and definitively… the reason there was no season three. A MUST-LISTEN for any fan of the series. There’s a lot packed in here that I don’t mention, but trust us, there’s a ton here.

NEXT EPISODE: We will be playing your voicemails, and reading your emails. Special guests from the past may show up, but we will be throwing the biggest finale party yet.
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