Make Mine Mayday Episode 52: Spider-Verse… Part 1 Audio Edition

Finally… Spider-Verse! In one of our most anticipated episodes, we finally tackle the 2014 Spider-Man Event SPIDER-VERSE. In this episode, we will cover Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 3) 8-12, the first part of the story, with a second episode covering the rest.

Kelly McDaniel and Zach Joiner
Zach Joiner (Youtube Art), & Kelly McDaniel (Apple/Podcast Art)
PRODUCER: Neil Bogenrider
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Zach Joiner & Kelly McDaniel

Issues covered in this episode: ASM Vol 3 #8-12 [Covers Below]


Make Mine Mayday was created by Kelly McDaniel and Zach Joiner to chronicle the series, from the beginning, and the entirety of the MC2 (Earth-982) Universe. Created By Writers Tom DeFalco & Larry Hama, Pencilers Ron Frenz, Pat Olliffe, Paul Ryan, and Ron Lim, with contributions by Al Williamson, John Livesay, and Sal Buscema on inks, the series is a time capsule of a self-contained alternate universe, is among the most expansive in Marvel’s publishing history. Spider-Girl, the first volume is still the only female-led title to have 100 straight issues uninterrupted, without resorting to combining numbering, such as is the case with She-Hulk. Spectacular Spider-Girl was the first online first Marvel Comic that occurred since 2009, with the creation of Marvel Unlimited. Those stories were reprinted in Spider-Man’s ongoing Anthology books but still hold the distinction.


Spider-Girl was a series that ran from 1998-2006, that starred May “Mayday” Parker, the daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson-Parker. Earth 982 was created with titles such as A-Next, J2, DarkDevil, The Buzz, Fantastic Five, Wild Thing, Avengers Next, American Dream, Last Hero Standing, Last Planet Standing, Amazing Spider-Girl, Spider-Girl, Spectacular Spider-Girl, and appearances in Amazing Spider-Man Family, Web of Spider-Man (Vol II), Amazing Spider-Man (Vol 3), Spider-Verse, Spider-Girls and Spider-Man Family.

Spider-Girl’s history of publishing was a miracle in the modern comic marketplace. Originally, the series was to only go with 12 issues, with the sister titles J2 and A-Next designed to be marketed in mass retail establishments. However, the series continued and was supposed to end with issue 17, before the fandom wrote passionate letters complaining for the series to continue. This would start a trend, as it was supposed to be canceled no less than 7 times, including a time that occurred on April Fools Day when the title was revived and managed to survive the 100 issues, before relaunching as Amazing Spider-Girl. It was also the most popular selling trade paperback at Marvel during a partnership with Scholastic Books printing smaller Digest-sized books. Each time the series got close to being canceled, the Spider-Girl Message Board on Alvaro’s Comic Boards rallied together, even creating a website called Save Spider-Girl. Spider-Girl’s story on the page is a triumph, but the story off the page

deserves its recognition as well. This Podcast is an attempt to tell that story and keep the flame of the MC2 burning.

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