Make Mine Mayday Episode 28: Last Hero Standing Audio Edition

Zach and Kelly are back! In this episode, they tackle the mini-series LAST HERO STANDING!

In this episode, they’ll:
-Discuss the Origins of the mini-series
-The Timeline of how it was announced.
-Spider-Girl Saved?

From the June 2005 Solicitations:


The great heroes of the marvel universe are vanishing without a trace! What has happened to Spider-Man, the thing, the scarlet witch, Captain America, and the rest of the MU’s heavy hitters? Spider-Girl, the fantastic five and a-next must join forces with today’s superstars to uncover the answer – and the trail leads to a major Avengers villain! Does the presence of the Watcher signify the end of this age of heroes?

Zach Joiner

Zach Joiner

Zach Joiner is the co-founder of the Spideydude Radio Network and the Co-founder of the website that hosts it, He is the Host of Spideydude Experience and Clone Saga Chronicles, and has been a co-host on the other Spideydude Network of shows such as Make Mine Mayday and Spectacular Radio. He has two dogs, a daughter and a lovely Fiancee.

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