Make Mine Mayday Episode 10: The Buzz, Fantastic Five, and Wild Thing Audio Edition

Zach and Kelly return to talk about three series in the MC2 universe. In this episode, they will talk about Fantastic Five and Wild Thing, which were the other two titles in the second year of the MC2. They ran 5 issues each. Then, they flash forward to cover the three-issue mini-series called The Buzz!

Zach Joiner

Zach Joiner is the co-founder of the Spideydude Radio Network and the Co-founder of the website that hosts it, He hosts the Spideydude Experience on YouTube (and your favorite Podcast Catcher) He Co-Hosts Make Mine Mayday with Kelly McDaniel on YouTube, as well as the Patreon First Show BOOKS of X with Neil Bogenrider He hosted Clone Saga Chronicles, was a Co-Host on Spectacular Radio, & Mayday Mondays, and helps run things here on the website. If there is a problem, reach out on Twitter @spideydude or @spideyduderadio or on Instagram @spideydudenetwork or Email is

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