Voices from the Eyrie – 49 – Sanctuary

Greg Weisman joins us to discuss romance in the City of Lights as Demona seduces Macbeth while hooking up with Goliath’s clone. We talk about the return of Thailog. Elisa’s heroism while Goliath fails at being any kind of parent to both Angela and Thailog. We also discuss one of the series’ most infamous animation errors as we discuss Cary Bates’ brilliant script. Greg Weisman also shares a tidbit about a visit from the Feature Film Division when the series was still in production. This is a good one!

And we continue our march towards the 30th Anniversary Gargoyles event at CONvergence in Minneapolis during the Fourth of July weekend! On that note, please join us on July 5th, 2pm CST at CONvergence in the Nicollet Ballroom at the Hyatt Regency for the live “Voices from the Eyrie” event where we’ll be joined by Greg Weisman (Series Creator), Thom Adcox (Voice of Lexington), Brigitte Bako (Voice of Angela), and Zehra Fazal (Voice of Shari).

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