Voices from the Eyrie – 47 – Monsters

Jamie Thomason returns to chat about casting Brigitte Bako as Angela, directing Frank Welker, and then we follow that up with an intellectually stimulating discussion on Cryptozoology – and of course we’re just kidding: we discuss Tim Curry as Dr. Sevarius (and can’t seem to stop quoting him), the episode’s strengths and weaknesses and a great time is had by all throughout as you would come to expect from the Weisman & Thomason Variety Hour!

First Impressions also returns as we discuss our initial thoughts on “Dark Ages #6”, “Gargoyles #12” and “Gargoyles Quest #1″… it’s a great time to be a Gargoyles fan and a terrible time to be a human as Demona returns and makes her move. Comic Book Spoilers from 0:45 to 26:00.

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