Voices from the Eyrie – 43 – The 30th Anniversary Celebration Begins!

We are back! We discuss the current Kickstarter Campaign Dynamite Comics is running to bring back the Gargoyles comics published by Marvel in the 90’s (featuring art by Amanda Conner!) and the canon Gargoyles comics published by SLG in the aughts; and we’re joined by Gargoyles’ colorist, Robby Bevard; Bad Guys artist, Karine Charlebois; and series creator, Greg Weisman!!!

But we need your help! As of this posting, Greg Weisman’s Twitter account is still hacked, so he has been unable to use that platform to spread the word! So we need you, the fans, to come in! Spread the word! Participate in the Kickstarter! Figure out which version of the books works best for you! And let’s show Disney that this is a viable property! Not just a little property with a small cult following, but something truly viable! So spread the word! Reach out to anyone you know who would be interested! Tell them about this Kickstarter! Tell them about the comics! And tell them about our podcast!

We then give our First Impressions on Gargoyles #11 and Dark Ages #5! It’s the penultimate issues for both series before Gargoyles Quest kicks off in the coming weeks! Comic Book Spoilers from 25:21 to 49:38.

Finally, Greg Weisman delivers his State of the Franchise Address! Where we’ve been, what we’ve accomplished, and what we have to look forward to for the 30th Anniversary! More comics! A convention get-together and maybe even more than that!

Don’t forget to participate in the Kickstarter!

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