Voices from the Eyrie – 42 – Avalon Part Three

Brigitte Bako joins us to discuss her career as an actress, writer, producer and more. Being cast as Angela, playing a classical hero, and joining a series as a regular half-way through the second season. Themes of war, forgiveness, redemption and more are discussed with her and with Greg Weisman. The motivations of the Weird Sisters, the hubris of the Archmage, and the death of the Magus.

The voice acting industry pre-pandemic versus where it is today is also talked about among many other topics.

We also discuss news out of Toy Fair with new NECA Gargoyles figures revealed; the announcement of Dynamite’s upcoming “Gargoyles Quest” series; and first impressions of Gargoyles #10, Gargoyles: Halloween Special, and Dark Ages #4!

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