Voices from the Eyrie – 35 – Double Jeopardy

Jamie Thomason returns to the show and joins Greg Weisman in discussing the creation of Goliath’s evil clone, Thailog! A number of topics get discussed, the gargoyles’ rogues gallery, what led to the creation of Thailog, directing Keith David, and what makes a great villains! Likewise we discuss the similarities and contrasts between Thailog and his creator, David Xanatos! And… just who is the gargoyles’ number one villain? Greg Weisman shares his thoughts on that!

But before we dive into the episode, we discuss our first impressions of Demona’s return in #7 of the Dynamite Gargoyles comic; the premiere issue of “Gargoyles: Dark Ages” and so much more. Want to know what script name “Hudson’s mate” had, we talk about that here. Comic Spoilers from 1:15 to 48:45.

And finally, we address clickbait false news stories that have, unfortunately, spread across the internet like a wildfire.

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