Voices from the Eyrie – 31 – High Noon

Actress and director, Salli Richardson-Whitfield, joins us as we do a deep dive into the conception and development of Elisa Maza. From the comedy development to the fully realized character we saw. We discuss the importance of Elisa and what she meant to so many of the fans. A hero in her own right, and not just the “human friend”.

We also discuss our first post-City of Stone episode; Demona and Macbeth’s unexpected and sudden return, how Demona takes to transforming into a human during the day; Salli’s chemistry with Keith David in, not one, but two-roles, and so much more.

But first, we discuss the latest developments on the NECA action figure front and give our first impressions of the fourth issue of the Dynamite Gargoyles comic book! Comic Spoilers from 4:40 to 19:08.

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