Voices from the Eyrie – 29 – The Gargoyles Fandom: Then and Now

Happy New Year! We open this show by discussing the latest NECA news from the tailend of 2022. We also chat with Greg Weisman about #2 of the new Dynamite Gargoyles comic book, offering our first impressions; and Greg explains why Angela’s gone back to her classic outfit.

We then sit down for a discussion with some old friends, and fans from the earliest days of the fandom: Gorebash (owner and webmaster of Station Eight and Ask Greg), Christine Morgan (fanfiction author turned professional), and Karine Charlebois (artist of “Gargoyles: Bad Guys”). We discuss our many years in the fandom, favorite characters, the impact the show has had on our lives, and our impressions of the current “Gargoyles” renaissance.

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