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The Clone Heads of Bertone, Zach, and Gerard is joined by Donovan Grant and Jason (of Mayday Monday’s Fame). This episode tackles the then-current appearances in Spider-Man: Clone Saga #5 and Web of Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #1. Re-Release Date: Feb 21 2012. Original Tag: “We deal with some current releases and our joined by Jason and Donovan once again.” https://media.blubrry.com/clonesagachronicles/p/spidey-dude.com/Podcast-Network/Clone-Saga-Chronicles/Episode-09-Clone-Saga-and-Web.mp3Podcast (clone-saga-chronicles): Play in new window | Download
Episode VIII: Smoke & Mirrors/Players & PawnsIn this Episode: Zach, Bertone, Gerard & Brandon return to tackle the Return of the Jackal. We also apologize in advance for…. the Miley Cyrus jokes. And death to teddy bears jokes.Jackal lies to our faces, we get precursors to Kaine (the Guardian) and Jackal (Little Jack), Gwen Stacy clones show up and melt. Peter and Ben are just as confused as we are.Web of Spider-Man 122+ (Smoke &
Zach, Gerard, and Bertone tackle the 5th month of the saga. The latter half of Web of Life and Web of Death plus one of the greatest issues ever of Unlimited (Not Really). Re-Release Date: 12-25-2011. Cover Date: February 1995 Release Date Starting: December 6, 1994 It’s the “Final” Doctor Octopus story! Peter is a Dad! He’s Dying! Ben fights Grim Hunter, and he gets killed. Also, Doc Ock is Killed. By Kaine. He killed
Episode VI: Web Of Death/Life. This episode is a mini-milestone! Mary Jane has big news, Ben is fighting a Kraven Son, Kaine lurks in the shadows! Sal Buscema artwork gets inked by Bill Sienkiewicz! (Not a joyous day there) Steven Butler is gone for an arc! Join Zach, Gerard, Josh, and newcomer Jason H as they tackle the cover the cover-dated January 1995 issues that were released starting on November 1, 1994.Issues that were covered
90s Daredevil is here again in all his armored glory for this episode! Meanwhile Ben Reilly defeats the manace of Venom in a very creative way. This episode is the second half of the Back From the Edge and The Exile Returns story lines that ran in covered dated issues of December 1994. They were released weekly starting on October 4th 1994. Brandon DP and Gerard join Zach and Bertone and talk Back From the

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