New Website Grand Opening

Welcome to our new and improved website hosted by the Spidey-Dude team. Zach Joiner- Webmaster/Owner/Executive Producer/Co-Founder of Spideydude Radio Network, Co-Founder Dee Joiner- Co-Founder Emeritus Greg Bishansky-Executive Producer, Host of Spectacular Radio Kelly McDaniel-Executive Producer, Host of Marvelous Women, Co-Host of Spideydude Experience Sarah Elisabeth Branham-Executive Producer, Host of Marvelous Women, Social Media Officer Joshua Lapin-Bertone-Executive Producer, Clone Saga Chronicles, Co-Founder of Spideydude Radio Network Brian Cochran-Writer, Business Co-Manager Brian J. Levy-Chief Reviewer Jesús...

Spideydude Experience 16 Livestream!

Welcome to the 16th episode of the flagship show on the Spideydude Radio Network, The Spideydude Experience! This Episode will be in two sections: Part 1: Zach delves into the Spectacular Spider-Man Cartoon's creation, and the demise, and the fan-driven hope for revival. Excerpts from Spec This episode covers issue 60 (Legacy number 861) "No Exit" by Nick Spencer and Mark Bagley This episode has the regular rotation of panelists for the show: Zach...

Spideydude Experience Episode 20: ASM 63 Legacy 864

Zach and the Gang will Tackle the next chapter of the ASM title: 864. (Legacy #63) This time, Tombstone and Robbie Robertson are face to face with their worst nightmare: THEIR KIDS. While Kingpin continues to wreak havoc on Spidey's life. Will we see a resolution? Time Will Tell.

MAKE MINE MAYDAY Episode 12: Spider-Girl 22-27

Zach and Kelly are back! A milestone Episode, where Kelly and Zach are talking about some excellent issues, ending Year 2 of Spider-Girl (and outside of the next episode's subject, the only title of the MC2 line.) -THE GIRL... WITH POWER -DRAGON FIST -THE SAVAGE SIX... and new Hair, with 25th Double sized Issue! -Power Struggles -The END of the Spider/Goblin War! So much here, and we tackle it all... only on MAKE MINE MAYDAY...

MAKE MINE MAYDAY Episode 13: The DarkDevil Special.

Zach and Kelly are back to tackle a favorite subject of theirs: DarkDevil. Witness a masterclass on understanding this otherwise bonkers origin story. Zach will take you through the massive history behind Kaine, Reilly, and his Parents. You don't WANT to miss this.

Spideydude Experience Episode 21: ASM 865

Zach and his Gang of Misfits are back... and this time they are continuing the storyline. Tombstone vs. Robbie, Again? Beetle vs. Spidey? Gang Wars? IS THIS THE 1980s?! GOG IS BIG? TABLETS OF DOOM? WHAT IS HAPPENING?!